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by Jon Chaiim McConnell




The tenuous infrastructure of a society fueled by liquid electricity is on the verge of collapsing. thrum is the story of a city in a state of aneurysm, told by a man who believes he's fortunate enough to have escaped to the countryside, a woman without the means to, and the long history of obsessive excavation that, for centuries, has invited ruin.

  • Praise for "thrum"

    "A nightmarish image-blasting assault on the senses, McConnell's thrum evokes the early visions of J.G. Ballard in a new and beautiful way."


    - Shane Jones, author of Light Boxes and Vincent and Alice and Alice



    “In thrum, Jon Chaiim McConnell achieves that rare thing, a concise and hypnotizing speculative novella whose innovative, futuristic content mirrors and matches its language. A current of electricity blazes, literally and figuratively, through this brief but unforgettable debut.”


    - John Keene, author of Counternarratives



    “This is a live wire of a book, a language-driven, searing and startling picture of a not quite apocalyptic society on the verge, a world rotted differently but just as crumbling as ours.”


    - Amber Sparks, author of And I Do Not Forgive You

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