The Art of ZosoFurioso

Empress of vibrant Macabre, Zosofurioso, reveals best Iron Maiden albums, murdered parent nightmares, and what annoyed extraterrestrials think of humanity.

I notice you have an Ankh symbol on your handle,

do practice magic?

I do some things, but it's more for self-reflective purposes. Much of life is about how it's perceived, and sometimes using tools like tarot cards can help gain perspective. Though much of my art is interpreted as Satanic, it's more so that I enjoy dark art, and a lot of that goes hand in hand with spirituality. Symbolism helps communicate what I want to say.

What is the origin of the name Zosofurioso?

My favorite band has always been Led Zeppelin. When I was in grade school, I used to draw Jimmy Page's symbol all over the place, especially my hands. So eventually, zoso just inadvertently became my nickname. A friend suggested the furioso part as a joke, and it ended up sticking.