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The Art of Jennifer Croley

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Jennifer Croley talks about haunted theatres, pop culture, and artistic anxiety relief.

What are your thoughts on life after death?

I believe energy is continuous.

Describe your artistic process

I create my art as therapy. I have anxiety, so anytime I'm feeling overwhelmed, I find a photo I like and reimagine the scene in a different world, and get to work. Creating replaces my anxious thoughts with positive, calming ideas.

What are your thoughts on the paranormal?

When I first moved into my loft, I would wake up to muffled disembodied voices around 2 am. The vibes in my apartment are positive, and I never felt like the voices were angry. With a little research, I found that the building my loft is in was built in 1889 and was home to a telephone company.

How does the area you live in influence your art?

I live in a small historic town with several antique stores, and my first job was at a vintage theater. I credit my love for old things to growing up there.

I notice pop culture is a major recurring theme in your work.

For me, pop culture encourages conversations and makes art approachable while letting viewers interpret pieces subjectively.

What were your favorite Saturday morning cartoons?

Rocket Power was my go-to show growing up.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I mainly listen to folk/classic rock. Bob Dylan is my favorite artist.

What are your thoughts on psychedelics?

We need more research into the benefits of micro-dosing to treat mental illnesses.

Are your collages digital or physical?

All of my collages are digital, created on an iPad using Procreate and an Apple Pencil.

What are your thoughts on the UFO Phenomenon?

I love UFO stories! My favorite is the Roswell incident. A classic. Going to all of the UFO-themed restaurants in Roswell is a goal.

What are your favorite sources for materials?

I use a mixture of my photography and photographs sourced from copyright-free sites. I love to look through vintage ads as well.

What was your recurring nightmare as a child?

I'm usually aware what I am dreaming. My most recurring dream is realizing I'm dreaming and trying to wake myself up and being unable to do so or waking up in a sleeping paralysis state. I would often wake up and temporarily be unable to open my eyes or move my body while my mind raced with panic. As I've gotten older, these episodes are, luckily, happening less frequently.

Describe a difficult time in your life,

how did making art help?

I went through a tough time when my doctor diagnosed me with anxiety and panic disorder. Since then, creating has become a positive coping mechanism for me.

What are your influences?

Antiquing and vintage advertising inspire a lot of my work.

What are your favorite movies or books?

I'm more into TV shows than movies; my favorite is Mad Men. I love Stephen King's books and classic mystery novels.

What are your happiest nostalgic memories?

Summer camping trips with my family. Listening to 80s rock in my dad's truck

(my mother was not a fan).

Do you have anything you would like to plug?

My Instagram: @jennifercroleyart

Do you do commissions? How does this process work?

Yes, I do! I handle all commission inquiries through my email (jennifercroleyart@gmail) or DMs on Instagram.



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