Jamie Lee Curtis: 1981 Interview

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Remember magazines? No? Good, because we totally hopped inside of a time machine and traveled to 1981, where we beat up Fangoria's Bob Martin, tossed him in a broom closet, and stole his interview with the Queen of all screams, Jamie Lee Curtis. It's our interview now. It's not plagiarism because we changed history. Did we mention this all happened in a parallel timeline? The Attic of the all-seeing Eye Cult can do anything it wants to, good thing we're harmless nerds with extremely niche interests, huh?

Lastly, we understand that reading can suck, so we've included the greatest retro-glam shots of Jamie Lee that the Attic has to offer (including the best damn cat shot you'll ever see). Shut off your data thieving numbskull feeds and challenge your brain to some word soup, it's a difficult task, we believe in you!