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The Art of Vintage Children's Books: Halloween

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Nothing pukes nostalgia harder than the illustrated books of your childhood.

The art preserved within those snot-stained pages is often underappreciated and lost to time. Fret not, we've hunted through the old interdimensional attic to procure for you a visual feast of tasty tricks and treats. We are about to explore some of the most iconic vintage children's books with Halloween themes, their illustrations, and the artists behind them. Spark that Autumn spirit into a bonfire worthy of Sam Hain, and prepare to salute the art of the children's Halloween book.

The Pumpkin Smasher (1972)

Art by Anita Benarde

The Pumpkin Smasher (1972) is a delightful Halloween story that follows a young boy named Tommy who decides to take revenge on the pumpkin smasher. He comes up with a clever plan to teach the pumpkin smasher a lesson, but it doesn't go exactly as planned. The illustrations by Anita Benarde are vibrant and capture the essence of Halloween perfectly. The pumpkins are vividly drawn, and the colors are bold, making it a delightful read for children of all age

The Littlest Witch (1959)

Art by Jeanne Massey

The Littlest Witch (1959) by Jeanne Massey is a charming story about a little witch named Minx who wants to be like the big witches. She tries to fly, cast spells, and scare people, but she can't seem to get anything right. Eventually, she learns that being herself is the best thing she can be. The illustrations by Jeanne Massey are adorable and capture the innocence of childhood perfectly.

Haunts & Taunts (1983)

Art by Deborah Niland

Haunts & Taunts (1983) by Deborah Niland is a collection of spooky stories that will give children goosebumps. From ghosts to monsters, the stories are full of suspense and will keep children on the edge of their seats. The illustrations are hauntingly beautiful, and the dark colors set the mood for Halloween perfectly.

That Terrible Halloween Night (1980)

Art by James Stevenson

That Terrible Halloween Night (1980) by James Stevenson is a spooky story about a group of children who go trick-or-treating on Halloween night. They encounter some frightening situations and learn that Halloween can be scary. The illustrations by James Stevenson are simple yet effective, capturing the fear and excitement of Halloween perfectly.

Space Witch (1959)

Art by Don Freeman

Space Witch (1959) by Don Freeman is a whimsical story about a witch who decides to visit space. She takes her cat and broomstick and sets off on an adventure that leads her to an alien planet. The illustrations are fun and playful, capturing the imagination of little boomer brats ready to grow up and seize amazing real-estate deals in the 70's.

Let's Catch a Monster (1967)

Art by Anne Herbert Scott

Let's Catch a Monster (1967) by Anne Herbert Scott is a delightful Halloween story about a group of children who set out to catch a monster. They come up with a clever plan and manage to trap the monster, but they soon realize that he's not so scary after all. The illustrations are colorful and capture the spirit of Halloween.



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