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The Retro Art of Children's Halloween Books

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Nothing pukes nostalgia harder than the picture books of your childhood.

The illustrations contained within those snot stained pages are an underappreciated art form that's easy to forget. We've hunted through the old interdimensional attic to procure for you a visual feast of tasty tricks and treats. Spark your Autumn spirit into a bonfire worthy of Sam Hain, and salute the art of the children's Halloween book.

Quelqu'un me donne un cadre avant que je chie dans ton sac de friandises!

The Pumpkin Smasher (1972)

Art by Anita Benarde

The Littlest Witch (1959)

Art by Jeanne Massey

Haunts & Taunts (1983)

Art by Deborah Niland

That Terrible Halloween Night (1980)

Art by James Stevenson

Space Witch (1959)

Art by Don Freeman

Let's Catch a Monster (1967)

Art by Anne Herbert Scott

One Dark Night (1972)

Art by Kurt Werth

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